Q. How long in advance should I book my shoot?

A. We are a year round business.  We are very busy in the summer time.  If you have a date, please try to book well in advance.  We will make every effort to accommodate all last minute bookings.


Q. How many people can book a shoot together?

A. That's up to you.  Be advised that the more people in your group the longer the shoot will take to capture all the moments.  We can work together to discuss the right amount of time for your group.


Q. What if I need to cancel?

A. You must notify us by phone, e-mail or text ahead of the shoot.  More than than 48 hours notice -  No Charge.

Less than 48 hours notice - 10 Percent penalty fee will be added to the balance due.

No Shows will be billed the full amount of the service.


Q. What if I'm running late?

A. If the photographer does not have another shoot booked right after then it's not a problem.  If the photographer is booked, then the photographer will shoot with the remainder of whatever time is left on your contract.


Q. What if we need more time?

A. If the photographer isn't booked right after your shoot then you can purchase more time.  The fee is $150.00 per each additional 30 minute period.


Q. What if our shoot is outside and it's raining?

A. We can shoot in the rain if you'd like,  or we can try to re-schedule your shoot in the near future.


Q. What size are the images?

A. The images are high resolution.  The largest being up to 47 Megapixels.


Q. Do I own the photos?

A. They are yours to use for personal use, not commercial use.  The photographer retains the copyright on all photographs.


Q. Will you use my photographs on your website?

A. Unless you specifically ask us not to, we may use certain images for promotional purposes.


Q. Can I choose my photos?

A. It is the photographer's job to choose the best photos.  The photographer will edit the photos taken and will remove shots that contain weird faces, closed eyes or bad lighting etc.


Q. Can I buy all of the photographs that the photographer takes during a shoot?

A. No.  We are interested in giving you only the best of the best that were shot.  The photographer may take hundreds of photos but only edit the best ones.


Q. Do you do portrait shots?

A. No, sorry not our style.